Salon Care Kit

Tape Replacement
Care kits are the best way to care for your Fair Fashion hair extensions.

Select the desired Tape Replacement tabs from the drop-down menu (MAX2 or MAX4).
MAX3 is a strong tape with a 7-9 weeks hold time and is easier to remove than MAX4, our strongest tape, which features a hold time of 12-14 weeks.

The Salon Care Kit contains:
  • Plus12 products (Shampoo, Conditioner-Mask and Restructuring Lotion)
  • Fair Fashion Brush
  • Fair Fashion Pliers (to help you apply our tape-in extensions)
  • Liquid Remover
  • Tape Replacements

Buying a Care Kit containing our Plus12 products validates the 6 months warranty on our hair extensions.
More on our warranty.