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Why turn to a salon?

Tape-in extensions are really practical! Fast and easy to apply but they must be applied correctly so they don't create discomfort, last longer and naturally blend with your hair.

We discourage applying your tape-in extensions on your own or having a friend apply them. To assure a professional, long lasting and invisible result always have a trained hairstylist apply them.

Let's check out what steps should be followed for a perfect application,  and guaranteed by a trained hairstylist.

Positioning of the Extensions

Tape-in extensions have to be applied following a specific order depending on the result you'd like to achieve. It's extremely important to know how many have to be applied at the bottom, how many at the top and how many on the sides, and how far apart they have to be from each other.

Possiamo osservare la distribuzione delle ciocche sulla nostra modella Selma durante l'applicazione

Positioning of the extensions 


Two strands of tape-in extensions are sandwiched together with a section of your own hair in between. The section has to be neat, with no stray hair, and has to be the width and same thickness as the extension itself: not too thick nor too thin. Furthermore, the extensions need to be positioned correctly so they respect your natural hair growth.

Aliona during an application

Vanessa during an application


It's very important that the application of extensions be neat. The two strands of extensions need to perfectly line up and have to be applied at the right distance from your scalp. Furthermore, it's important that the hair positioned between the two strands does not undergo any pulling: otherwise, the tape-in extensions can become uncomfortable, if not a bit painful. On the other hand, the application of extensions can't be too loose either because the extensions become detectable.


Once you've had your extensions installed your hair needs to be trimmed perfectly so that the extensions naturally blend with your hair, and become invisible. Final result is beautiful full-bodied hair! But it's important to follow all the necessary steps.

Although the application of tape-in extensions is easy, it has to be done by a professional hairstylist who perfectly knows the different techniques in order to get a perfect and natural end result.

It's important to have your extensions trimmed so they blend naturally with your hair.

Selma while having her extensions trimmed

What happens if your tape-in extensions are not applied correctly?

Your extensions can come off

Let's see the main causes:

  • Too much hair is positioned between the two extensions
  • The tape-in extensions are applied on hair which is not perfectly clean
  • The tape-in extensions are applied on wet or not completely dry hair
  • The tape-in extensions are applied on hair that has been washed with conditioner 
  • The tape-in extensions have not been pressed sufficiently together with specific pliers
  • Use of shampoo containing essential oils

Discomfort or pain

If your extensions are not applied correctly, they can pull on your roots, causing discomfort and pain

Hair breakage

  • the hair between the two strands of extensions is not at a perpendicular angle and therefore subject to pulling
  • there is not enough hair between the two strands of extensions, the amount of hair should be the same size and thickness as the extension itself

Your extensions are visible

Your extensions don't blend naturally with your hair, because:

  • not enough have been applied
  • they've been positioned incorrectly
  • they haven't been trimmed after they've been installed

Turn to a professional hairstylist to apply them! This is the only way to have perfect long lasting extensions and that nobody will notice you're wearing!!

Once they've been applied it's up to you to look after them so they continue to stay beautiful and soft as long as possible...check out this article: 5 SECRETS TO HAVE PERFECT EXTENSIONS WHICH LAST LONGER