Full head sets or Single packs?

Are you already an expert in the world of hair extensions or is this your first time? Do you want to add full length or just partially? Do you want to combine length and color?

Fair Fashion makes picking out the right extensions easy! Let's try to understand together which is the right option for you...."Full head set" or "Build your set"?

Full Head Set

Our Full Head Sets have been created to help you decide what's best for you, especially if you have never purchased tape-in extensions before. To add full length to all of your head click on “Full Head Set” (45 cm or 55 cm) and we will guide you step by step in picking out the right set to achieve this result.

If this is your first time purchasing hair extensions, then follow our tips, we'll help you pick out the set which best fits your needs: length, thickness and color. The result, a set (a specific number of packs) of extensions with which you can add full length and get that perfect natural look!

Elena before the application of our extensions

Example where full length has been added with a Full Head Set "MEDIUM"

Our Full Head Sets have been created to help you decide what's best for you, especially if you have never purchased tape-in extensions before.

Single Packs – Build Your Set


If you just want to partially add length? Or only want to lengthen the back part of your head? Or just want to add some hair to your sides? Or create a fringe? On the “Build your set” page you decide which and how many packs of extensions to purchase.


Want more volume? Want to add volume and not really interested in adding length? Then all you need is one or two packs of extensions.

Cristina before the application of our extensions

Cristina after the application of 2 single packs for extra volume


Do you have highlighted hair? Want to mix different shades of extensions? In “Build your set” you can decide whether to purchase a pack of platinum blonde and one of honey blonde, or you can decide to purchase two packs of black and one of golden brown to create highlights (or to recreate the highlights that you already have).

Example of a combination of different colors to create a natural highlighted effect. Read the article "Guide to creating the right color".


Want a layered haircut? In “Build your set” you can purchase, for example, two packs of 55 cm long extensions for the back part of your head and two packs of 45 cm long extensions for the front part.


Standard or Evolution? You decide! In “Build your set” you can choose either Standard tape-in extensions or Evolution tape-in extensions depending on the hairstyle you want to create. Read the article "Comparison between Standard and Evolution" to learn more.

Standard Tape-in Extensions

Evolution Tape-in Extensions

The section “Build your set” is particularly indicated for women who have been wearing tape-in extensions.