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Single Packs - Guide to creating your color

Fair Fashion has the widest range of colors among all other producers of tape-in hair extensions around the world!

Fair Fashion tape-in extensions come in 24 natural colors, from black to platinum, 7 different color combinations blended in 2/3 tones, 7 different ombre colors and 3 dark rooted colors. A total of 41 colors and more than 500 color combinations!

Dark, fair, golden blonde, ash blonde....whatever satisfies your desire! Any blend is possible! Let's see how!

Tape-in extensions are usually applied in pairs (whether two Standard Tape extensions together or a Standard Tape extension with a Evolution Tape extension). This enables you to create many different combinations by blending 2 different colors. Let's see some examples of combinations of different colors with gradual tone variations:

Do you want to create a blend of shades with gradual tone differences?

For example, by blending  #3 chocolate brown with #4 medium golden brown you obtain a beautiful highlighted brown. By applying 2 extensions of a different color, the result will seem even more natural.

You can combine many colors, as shown below, where #8 copper brown and #10 dark blonde have been blended together.

Aliona - application of two colors "#8 copper brown" and "#10 dark blonde".

Federica has a darker base so we've blended together warmer colors such as #4 medium gold brown and #8 copper brown.

Federica - application of two colors with a gradual tone variation.

Federica - application of two colors with a gradual tone variation.

Federica - application of two colors "#4 medium golden brown" and "#8 copper brown".

Looking to get a natural blonde?

To avoid an unnatural color, 2 or more tones of blonde can be combined to obtain light or golden shades. A widely used combination is blending  #24 golden blonde with #25 light natural blonde.

Want to play around with red tones?

Just see what we've done with Giulia by applying #35 intense red together with #32/34 reddish purple.

Giulia - application of two colors  with a gradual tone difference.

Giulia - application of two colors with a gradual tone difference.

Giulia - application of two colors with a gradual tone difference "#35 red intense" and "#32/34 reddish purple".

In addition to the natural colors

Highlighted colors

Fair Fashion offers 7 ready to use color combinations for a more natural highlighted result. 

  • 3/27 chocolate honey
  • 6/24 almond breeze
  • 4/27/613 golden nutmeg
  • 27/25 beach blonde
  • 27/613 sparkling champagne
  • 28/613 vanilla butter
  • 32/34 reddish purple

Highlight Colors from FAIR FASHION on Vimeo.

Our highlighted colors.


Magda has chosen to apply extensions with 3 different color tones such as #4/27/613 golden nutmeg.

Magda after the application of #4/27/613 golden nutmeg.

Magda - #4/27/613 seen from the back.

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If you prefer softer highlights, you can blend a highlighted color with a natural color. For example, you can blend  #3 chocolate brown with #3/27 blonde (this way chocolate brown will be more dominant compared to the #27 blonde) , or blend #6 with #6/24 (to get a light brown with golden blonde highlights)

Ombre Colors

Fair Fashion has also 7 different shades with an ombre effect:

  • 2-2BSH4 cream coffee ombre
  • 2BSH26 copper deep ombre
  • 4-6SH27 honey light ombre
  • 3SH28 caramel deep ombre
  • 4SH25 sun kissed ombre
  • 7SH101 ash platinum ombre
  • 10-27SH28 golden cream ombre

Our ombre colors.

Rooted Colors

Our rooted colors:

  • 3RTD28
  • 4RTD25
  • 5RTD101

Our rooted colors.


These different shades help personalize your look and have fantastic natural results. Furthermore, rooted colors make detecting the difference between your hair and the extensions almost impossible. For example, if you have light blonde hair with dark roots we suggest not applying blonde strands because the contrast could be very visible! 

On Vanessa cold ombre #7SH101 has been blended with dark rooted #5RTD101. This way the rooted light brown fades into a lighter blondish color creating a natural ombre effect, the light blonde then continues all the way to the ends.

Vanessa - application of ombre #7SH101 and rooted #5RTD101 combined together.

Vanessa - seen from the back with the same combination of colors.

An even more natural effect with Evolution Tape Extensions

If you want an even more natural effect try blending an Evolution Tape Extension, which is almost invisible, with a rooted color tape-in extension!

Evolution Tape-in Extensions on Vanessa.

Evolution Tape-in Extensions on Selma.

There are so many different combinations, that you can play around with your imagination and create irresistible shades of colors.

Fair Fashion allows you to create whatever color you desire!