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Before/After - GIULIA - THIN hair

Giulia before and after with tape in extensions

BEFORE – Giulia's characteristics

  • Hair Length: about 30-35 cm
  • Hair Thickness - Thin
  • Haircut: layered
  • Height: 170 cm

AFTER – Application details

  • Quantity applied: 3 single packs of 55 cm tape-in extensions (2 packs of Standard Tape extensions + 1 Evolution Tape extensions)
  • Types of Tape-in extensions applied: Standard Tape extensions and Evolution Tape extensions for the finishing touch.
  • Color: #35 Red Intense + #32/34 Reddish Purple
  • Application time: 25 minutes
  • Haircut: Giulia had thin layered hair. We were able to add full length with 3 single packs. It wasn't necessary to trim her hair to blend the tape-in extensions with her natural hair.

Giulia's Hair Transformation Video

How do I achieve this result?

  • If you have a hairstyle similar to Giulia's and you want to achieve the same result, then you need to purchase a Full Head Set "FINE" length 55 cm, which corresponds to 3 single packs.
  • Important! Check that your thickness corresponds to Giulia's hair thickness..
  • Important! If you want to apply 2 or more colors like Giulia, then you need to choose 3 single packs from the Build Your Set section.

Still not sure?

If you're not sure what your hair thickness is, then check out these articles:

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Giulia's Lookbook

Giulia - Before 

Giulia - Prima dell'applicazione

Giulia - Before 

Giulia - Dopo l'applicazione

Giulia - After 

Giulia - Dopo l'applicazione

Giulia - After 

Giulia - Styled with curling iron

Giulia - Piega con ferro arricciacapelli

Giulia - Giulia - Styled with curling iron