MAX3 - Strong Hold - Tape Tab Replacements

MAX3 is a strong hold tape that lasts about 10-12 weeks. We recommend using MAX3 tape tabs for those who have rapid hair growth, and consequently tend to remove and reapply the extensions more often. MAX3 is easier to remove and clean because it leaves almost no glue residue on your hair. Water and dye resistant, it can be removed using our special remover.

Each pack contains 60 pre-cut 4cm wide tape tabs, exactly the same size of each Fair Fashion tape -in hair extensions.

However, Fair Fashion extensions are produced with MAX3 tape. It is possible to  choose whether to use MAX3 or MAX4  replacement tape tabs when reapplying the extensions for a stronger hold. 

N.B. For the best result, considering your hair growth, we recommend removing and reapplying your tape-in extensions every 2 months. We also recommend using MAX3 pre-cut tape tabs as they do not leave any residue and are easier to remove.