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Have you just bought a new set of hair extensions to lengthen and add volume to your hair? Or have you decided to buy just a few strands for specific reasons? Here are a few tips on how to apply your tape-in extensions but....CAREFUL!

Although they're easy to apply DO NOT apply them on your own nor have a friend install them. The application of tape-in extensions can be considered a fine art, and should be carried out by a professional hairstylist who has the right skills and has had training on how to apply tape-in hair extensions. But because you'll be wearing these extensions we want to let you know how it's done.

Selma during the application

Selma during the application of our tape-in extensions


Before applying tape-in extensions wash your hair with shampoo only and no conditioner. If necessary you can put some conditioner only on the ends. Your hair has to be completely dry. DO NOTapply your tape-in extensions on wet or damp hair. Straighten your hair with a hair iron in order to see your natural hair loss before applying your tape-in extensions. Then place the tape-in extensions and sandwich them together with some of your hair in between. Here are some fundamental steps:

  • Lift up a section of hair with the tail end of the comb. The hair should be more or less the same width as the hair extension.
  • Leave a little bit of space between the tape-in extension and your scalp: about 1,5cm so you have some movement and doesn't create discomfort.
  • you should apply the tape-in extensions in the same direction as your hair growth, from the roots to the ends to avoid any pulling of the hair.
  • Take off the back peeling to expose the adhesive, lift up a section of hair and place the tape-in extension directly underneath it and smooth it down, being careful not to touch the adhesive with your fingers.
  • It's important that you lift up a section of hair which isn't too thin, so that the weight of the extension does not create discomfort, nor too thick so that the two adhesives can stick together.


    Make sure that the two adhesives are sandwiched together perfectly. It is important that the section of your hair be thin, clean and neat.
  • Press the two adhesives together for a few seconds with Fair Fashion pliers so that the two strands of tape-in extensions adhere perfectly together.
Why is it better to sandwich a strand of Standard Tape extension with a Evolution Tape Extension on the sides and top part of the head? Find out by reading this article!

How long does it take to apply tape-in hair extensions?

Fair Fashion tape-in hair extensions are fast and easy to install! A professional and trained hairstylist can probably apply them in less than 20 minutes! But it also depends on what hairstyle you are aiming for and therefore how many extensions you apply.

For example, a full head set, depending on the thickness you want to achieve, can take from 20 to 40 minutes:

  • Fine (for thin hair) - A FINE Full Head Set OR 3 packs of tape-in extension: 20 minutes
Aliona - Dopo l'applicazione

Aliona – After 

Aliona - Dopo l'applicazione

Aliona – After 

  • Medium (for regular hair) - A MEDIUM Full Head Set OR 4 packs of tape-in extensions: 30 minutes
Selma - Dopo l'applicazione

Selma - After

Selma - After the application

Selma - After

  • Thick (for thick/short hair) - A THICK Full Head Set OR 5 packs of tape-in extensions: 40 minutes
Olga - Dopo l'applicazione

Olga - After 

Olga - Dopo l'applicazione

Olga - After

After your extensions have been applied they might need to be trimmed so as to blend naturally with your hair this way no-one will notice that you're wearing hair extensions!


As you may know, tape-in extensions are re-usable. Depending on how fast your hair grows out, tape-in extensions can be removed and re-used: usually every 2-3 months (4 months for people with slow hair growth). Why? Because the two tapes, initially placed near the roots, tend to move further away from your scalp as your hair grows. For more information please check out the article related to removal and re-application of tape-in extensions.

What lifespan do Fair Fashion tape-in extensions have?

Not easy to say because it depends on the maintenance. Hair extensions need to be hydrated and nourished often, more than your natural hair. By using professional hair products your extensions will continue to be soft and beautiful and tangle free for a long time. The reason for this is also because Standard Tape and Evolution tape hair extensions are made from premium quality 100% Remy hair with intact cuticles.

If you want to keep your hair extensions beautiful longer we recommend using specific products for chemically treated hair, like our products PLUS 12 made from organic materials of plant origin. Check out also "5 secrets to have perfect extensions which last longer"