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Difference between Standard Tape Extensions and Evolution Tape Extensions

Both Standard and Evolution extensions are tape-in extensions but differ at the top of the strand.

The hair in Standard Tape extensions is attached mechanically on a strip of adhesive which remains visible. The hair in Evolution Tape extensions, on the other hand, is attached manually one by one on a strip of adhesive which is hidden by the hair itself. The hair is sewn in the same direction of our hair growth to give a natural effect!

Difference between Standard Tape Extensions (on the left) and Evolution Tape Extensions (on the right).

Evolution Tape Extensions have been designed to be applied near the temples and at the top part of your head as these are areas where your hair tends to part therefore, in these areas Standard Tape Extensions can easily be detected while Evolution Tape Extensions blend perfectly with your hair.

For a perfect application:

We recommend applying Standard Tape Extensions in the “hidden” areas like the back part of your head:

Standard Tape Extensions on Vanessa.

Standard Tape Extensions on Selma.

Apply Evolution Tape Extensions on the more visible areas such as the top part of your head and temples, areas in which your hair tends to part more often:


Evolution Tape Extensions on Vanessa.

Evolution Tape Extensions on Selma.

Apply Standard Tape Extensions together with Evolution Tape Extensions in the areas which are more visible: Standard at the bottom and Evolution at the top. Check out our video!

N.B. All of our Fair Fashion Tape Extensions, Standard and Evolution, are available in packs of twelve 4cm wide strands. You choose length and color!

Want a full lengthening? Go to FULL HEAD SET. Here you can purchase a set of ready to be applied tape-in extensions for full length. Each set includes a pack of Evolution Tape Extensions. You can choose either 45 cm long extensions or 55 cm long extensions.

Want to combine colors, or partially add length, or add volume or just a fringe? Go to BUILD YOUR SET. Here you can purchase single packs: once you have chosen the color you prefer, then you decide whether to purchase Standard or Evolution Tape Extensions.