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Warranty coverage and time term.

Confident that our Tape-in extensions are made from top quality hair, we guarantee our product up to 6 months from the original invoice date. The warranty is valid only if there has been a proper use and maintenance of the extensions. Only manufacturing defects are guaranteed. The warranty does NOT extend to non-manufacturing defects resulting from improper use of the product or physical damage of the product by customer. Use of excessive heat, bad trim, aggressive hair products, coloring, bleaching, perms will damage the hair extensions and void the warranty. A person's habits can influence the integrity of the hair used to make our extensions as well, a swim in the sea or at the pool and not rinsing the hair with tap water right after, or brushing the hair too close to the tapes on the extensions. Fair Fashion reserves its right to inspect and verify the origin of the problem before activating the product warranty. We therefore believe that informing our Customers and Salons on the proper use and maintenance of our hair extensions is fundamental.

Warranty validity.

The warranty is valid in case of knotting, tangling or premature drying when all the necessary precautions have been observed for the proper care and maintenance of the hair extensions, and only Plus 12 care products have been used. Fair Fashion will replace the product with another of the same length and color.

Problems related to the tapes during application.

The warranty also covers problems related to the tapes during an application, but ONLY AND ESCLUSIVELY for those salons that have attended our training courses.

In case of defective extensions.

If there are any claims of defective extensions, the Fair Fashion warranty tag is valid for a replacement. It should be kept intact and returned together with our hair extensions for our Quality Control staff to verify. Therefore, if there should be any problems with the hair extensions as indicated above, the strands of tape-in extensions should be removed and RETURNED TOGETHER WITH THE WARRANTY TAG to Fair Fashion. Once we have verified that the product has a valid factory defect we will immediately re-ship replacement Fair Fashion tape-in extensions. The customer is responsible for shipping charges related to sending merchandise back. Fair Fashion is responsible for shipping charges related to the replacement goods.

Warranty not valid.

The warranty is void if the hair extensions have been dyed, bleached or permed.

Because hair extensions are not attached to the scalp they don't benefit from a continuous supply of nutrients produced by our organism. Even the BEST QUALITY CUTICLE HUMAN HAIR needs to right care and maintenance. For this reason we have created PLUS 12 a complete line of products for the proper care and maintenance of Tape-in hair extensions. PLUS 12 products contain 12 organically produced extracts which nourish and give gloss to our Tape-in extensions.