What result would I like to achieve? Guide to purchasing on our Fair Fashion website.

Our site has two sections where you can purchase tape-in extensions:

Full Head Set, where you can purchase a set of tape-in extensions to add full length depending on your hair thickness.

Build Your Set, where you can purchase single packs, or add full length by combining different colors.

For more information check out this article “Full Head Set or Single Packs?”

If you want to combine 2 or more colors, we recommend purchasing single packs in the “Build Your Set” section. The following articles can help you:

How to match different colors
How many packs do I need?
Difference between Standard Tape extensions and Evolution Tape extensions

In this case we suggest checking out our “Full Head Set” section and all its guides.

Here you can find some ready to use sets for a full lengthening each with a different thickness: fine – medium – thick.

Once you have chosen the length (45 cm or 55 cm), you can select the color and thickness.
Check out these articles to be sure to choose the right set for you:

Guide to choosing a Full Head Set
Choosing the right thickness

In this case you should purchase one or at the most 2 single packs in the section “Build Your Set” (depending on the result you want to achieve). If the area you want to apply the tape-in extensions is near the temples or fringe, where they can easily be seen, then we recommend purchasing Evolution Tape extensions where the adhesive is hidden.

In this case you might want to check out the following articles:

How many packs do I need?
Difference between Standard Tape extensions and Evolution Tape extensions

If you have very thin hair and are more interested in adding some volume rather than length, then we recommend applying 2-3 single packs which can be found in “Build Your Set”. 

We recommend purchasing Evolution Tape extensions and combining them with Standard Tape extensions. The reason is that differently from Standard Tape extensions, which are more commonly used, the adhesive in the Evolution Tape extensions is hidden by the hair of the extensions, making them blend naturally with your hair.

Watch this video, where we've added volume to Cristina's hair with 2 packs of Fair Fashion tape-in extensions:

If you have very fine hair, it's also possible to apply single-sided Evolution Tape extensions, by using our Evolution Tape strand combined with our Single-Sided Tape tabs. 

On the contrary, if you have thinning hair or partial hair loss around the top part of your head, we strongly discourage applying tape-in extensions because they would not be the solution to your problem as they are applied only at the back of your head and on the sides. We recommend the use of a hairpiece or toupee.

If you want to create a fringe or just add length to it, you should purchase one or at the most two single packs in the “Build Your Set” section (depending on the result you want to achieve). If the extensions you'd like to apply are in areas where they can easily be seen, such as the temples or fringe, we recommend purchasing Evolution Tape extensions.

Here are some articles that can help you:

How many packs of tape-in extensions do I need?
Difference between Standard Tape extensions and Evolution Tape extensions

Common questions about Fair Fashion tape-in extensions.

Fair Fashion is specialized in tape-in extensions.

Our tape-in extensions are of two types which are complementary to each other.

Standard Tape Extensions – most commonly used.

Evolution Tape Extensions – applied only in areas of the head where the extensions can easily be seen or for finishing touches.

Click here to find out how they are different.

Absolutely! Fair Fashion tape-in extensions can be reused up to 5 times.

We recommend removing the extensions every 8-10 weeks (the number of weeks depends on your hair growth), remove the sticky part of the tab and apply new tape on the tab and then reapply the extensions near the roots. 

Fair Fashion tape-in extensions can be worn for long periods of time because of our special double-sided tapes. However, this also depends on the speed of your hair growth. We recommend removing them every 8-10 weeks and re-applying them near the roots.

With the right care and maintenance and because of the quality of the hair used (100% Remy with intact cuticles), Fair Fashion tape-in extensions can be applied and removed up to 5 times and last up to a year, if not more.

Both Standard Tape and Evolution Tape extensions are available in the following lengths: 45 cm and 55 cm.

Fair Fashion offers more than 40 colors.

The amount of packs you need depends on the type of hair you have and the look you desire, generally you can apply from 3 to 5 packs. It depends on your thickness:

Thin hair: 3 packs
Regular hair: 4 packs
Thick hair (or if you have short hair): 5 packs

Each pack, whether Standard Tape or Evolution Tape extensions, includes 12 strands of tape-in extensions. Each extension is 4 cm wide.

Fair Fashion has created 3 different Full Head Sets for the perfect length according to your needs.

Each set includes a pack of Evolution Tape extensions for the finishing touch.

For Thin hair: 2 packs of Standard Tape extensions + 1 pack of Evolution Tape extensions (Fine Set)
For Regular hair: 3 packs of Standard Tape extensions + 1 pack of Evolution Tape extensions (Medium Set)
For Thick or short hair: 4 packs of Standard Tape extensions + 1 pack of Evolution Tape extensions (Thick Set)

Fair Fashion Tape extensions do not create any discomfort. They are very thin and soft, and thanks to these characteristics adapt perfectly to your head and are undetectable to the touch. 

However, if you do feel some kind of discomfort, for example you feel your hair “pulling” on the scalp, it means that your tape-in extensions have not been  applied correctly and have been placed too close to the roots putting pressure on your scalp. For this reason we recommend turning to a professional hairstylist, who can guarantee a correct application.

Absolutely NOT, if they've been applied correctly. Differently from temporary hair extensions, such as clip-in hair extensions, which are thicker (because of the clips), Fair Fashion tape-in extensions are very thin and blend perfectly with your hair. No-one will even notice you're wearing them! You don't even have to change your lifestyle, and can continue doing what you enjoy the most, like dancing, jogging, working out at the gym, going swimming, etc...

Yes, it's possible. If you go swimming in a pool or at the sea be aware that both chlorine and saltwater will damage your extensions just as they would your natural hair! Always rinse your hair immediately after going swimming and use the right hair products to protect your extensions from the sun.

Absolutely! Check out the before and after section to see the different styles that have been created on the models after having applied our tape-in extensions.

Our Hair

We select the best hair available on the market. Hair which comes directly from the donor and has not yet been chemically treated before being donated, therefore, virgin hair with intact cuticles. It comes from eastern countries such as India, Kazakistan, Mongolia, East Europe and undergoes a careful and meticulous selection in order to be gently colored and used for our tape-in extensions.

Fair Fashion uses only 100% Remy human hair with intact cuticles, cut directly from the donor's ponytail and therefore all aligned in the same direction from the roots to the ends. For more information please check out “Our Hair”.

How to wash, style and care for your extensions

No, Fair Fashion tape-in extensions are professional products and as such need to be applied exclusively by a professional hairstylist. For more information please check out “Why turn to a salon”.

Each pack of tape tabs contains 60 pre-cut double-sided replacement tape tabs. Each tab is 4 cm wide.

Absolutely NOT. The tape is completely hypoallergenic and tape-in extensions are applied without using any heat. Furthermore, our remover lotion isn't harsh nor aggressive on your hair.

Removing Fair Fashion Tape extensions is very simple. All you have to do is place some remover on the tapes and gently pull them apart with your fingers. If necessary you can add some more remover. Gently lift the extensions away from your natural hair. Once you have removed the tapes from the extensions then comb through your hair to remove any remaining residue. Wash your natural hair as well as the extensions. At this point you are ready to apply new tape on the tabs.

However, we recommend turning to a professional salon for the removal of your tape-in extensions.

How to wash, style and care for your extensions

Yes, you can. Fair Fashion Tape extensions are made from 100% natural hair and therefore, can be styled with hot tools such as a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron. We recommend using heat protectant hair products that help protect the cuticles from damaging effects of heat styling.PLUS 12 Keratin lotion is ideal because not only does it nourish your hair but it also protects it from the heat caused by hot tools.

Your common shampoo and conditioner are not recommended for hair extensions. It's best to use protein enriched hair products which compensate the lack of natural nutrients. You should use specific products for treated and dyed hair, recommended for hair extensions.

Even 100% Remy hair with intact cuticles, the highest quality of hair extensions on the market, need to be nourished and treated with high quality hair products.

PLUS 12 hair products, created specifically for treated hair such as hair extensions, nourish your hair thanks to their formula which is a mix of 12 different ingredients all of organic plant origin. All Plus 12 hair products are sulfate-free and Paraben-free, do not contain silicone, or mineral oils nor CMIT/MIT.

When you wear hair extension generally we advise you to wash your hair 1 or 2 times per week, depending on the season and depending on how much humidity there is where you live. To keep soft and beautiful your hair extension we reccomend to use our Plus 12 products.

Do not wash your hair face down, but rinse your hair from the roots to the ends in order to avoid tangling.

Massage your scalp gently. It's important to wash your hair and scalp thoroughly even with hair extensions because your scalp releases substances which can make your hair (and extensions) greasy.

Check out this article: Care and maintenance of your Fair Fashion tape-in hair extensions.

The hair used in hair extensions has already been treated, bleached and dyed into many different shades and colors.

Further dying can only damage the hair structure and remove the hair's shininess and gleam. For this reason we recommend coloring your natural hair rather than the hair extensions with a color similar to what you are aiming for.

If you still prefer dying your extensions then you must go from a lighter shade to a darker shade, but slightly modifying the color of the extensions to make it similar to your hair color.

It's important that you have a professional hairstylist dye your hair extensions if this be the case, but above all, always avoid bleaching.

Your warranty will no longer be valid if your hair extensions are dyed or tampered with.

We recommend dyeing your hair or roots before any application.

However, it is possible to dye your roots even after your extensions have been fitted, but be extremely careful not to get dye/bleach/toner on the tape tabs.