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Our Hair

Fair Fashion extensions are made with healthy 100% intact premium full-bodied hair.

Thanks to our constant supervision of the production process, from the selection of the donor's hair to all the phases of manufacturing, we can ensure healthy and strong extensions that stay soft, shiny, silky and full of volume. The hair used to make extensions should have the same characteristics as our real hair so that it naturally blends in extension is perfect when you can't see or feel it's an extension!

Our tape-in extensions stay shiny and full of volume over time.

Characteristics of Fair Fashion hair:

100% natural hair

Fair Fashion extensions are entirely made of real human hair as indicated on each pack. We purchase them either from Indian temples (where they have been donated for religious reasons) or directly from the donor or seller. The hair we use for our extensions is certified and mainly comes from Mongolia, India and Kazakistan.

100% Remy Hair

Fair Fashion tape-in extensions are 100% Remy hair. This means that all of the hairs are aligned in the same direction from the roots to the ends: the ends on the extensions are the ends that were on the actual donor's hair, as for the roots. This is an important characteristic and is fundamental so that the hair stays tangle-free.

Intact cuticle hair

Fair Fashion tape-in extensions are entirely made with intact cuticle human hair. What's a cuticle? Cuticles are dead cells that make up the outermost layer of the hair shaft and that, if healthy and intact, make your hair stay soft and shiny and last longer without drying up too soon. These cuticles, also known as scales, give strength and provide protection to your hair.

Extensions with intact cuticle hair are extensions that naturally blend with our hair without tangling because they preserve the same characteristics. Furthermore, they remain soft and full of volume longer compared to hairs with no cuticles which tend to become frizzy and weak faster.


Different shades of Fair Fashion Tape-in Extensions.

We carefully select only premium quality natural hair for our extensions called virgin hair (virgin in the sense that they are appropriate for the production of extensions) which undergoes a very mild bleaching process that can take some days, and in some cases with very light colors, can take up to 20/25 days. This process, carried out with non aggressive products, keeps the cuticles and the structure of the hair intact.

The brand name that distinguishes our extensions is, as a matter of fact, “BEST QUALITY CUTICLE REMY HUMAN HAIR”.

N.B. Although the expression “100% Remy” is commonly used all over the world, human remy hair with intact cuticles is not easily found on the market. Due to a high demand and the cost of the raw material, often the hair used to make hair extensions is picked up off the floor after it's been cut from the donor, therefore the hairs are not aligned in the same direction from the root to the ends (as a result they aren't truly 100% remy). To avoid tangling, the cuticles in this hair are removed, but this causes the hair to weaken and dry up. At this point, products containing silicon are added to the hair to make the extensions look beautiful, but after just a few washes the hair becomes weak and tends to tangle.

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