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As your hair grows, your tape-in extensions start to move down and become clearly visible.

For this reason, we suggest having your tape-in extensions removed and re-installed near the root every 3-4 months (depending on how fast your hair grows).

Here's a brief description of how tape-in extensions are applied but it's important you go to a professional and trained hairstylist, who can guarantee a perfect and invisible end result, rather than applying them on your own!


The removal of tape-in extensions is very simple: you just need to apply a few drops of remover between the two strands of extensions and “separate” them with your fingers.

Gently continue removing all the tape-in extensions and if necessary use more drops of remover. Once the tape-in hair extensions have been removed remember to carefully clean out any residues from the adhesives that might have remained on the strands.

New adhesives should be applied on the strands when re-installing your tape-in hair extensions.

  • Be sure to remove any residues from the old adhesives.
  • Wash the hair extensions and use a blow-dryer to dry them.
  • Attach a new tape on each cleaned and dried strand of hair extension.
N.B: The tapes are 4 cm wide pre-cut tabs which perfectly match each strand of Fair Fashion Standard and Evolution Tape.

Now your extensions are ready to be re-installed!


Tape Extension ready to be applied!

Tape Extension ready to be applied!

It's very important that the hair extensions be placed exactly in the same position as they were before being removed so as to have the same end result and hairstyle. The reason for this is that after being installed the first time, they've probably been cut or layered so as to blend with your hair.

Hair extensions are usually longer than your hair and can seem less natural. In some cases they can be cut even up to 10-15 cm. For example, if the first row of hair extensions, which were originally installed at the bottom of your head, were to be placed at the top of your head then you would end up with a completely different look because your hair would appear more layered.

All tape-in extensions must be placed exactly in the same initial position. How? The secret is to number the hair extensions as you remove them.

For example, by starting from the bottom right side or left side of the head:

First row: 1 and 2

Second row: 3, 4 and 5

third row: 6, 7, 8

Fourth row: 9, 10, 11

Left side: 12 and 13 

Right side: 14 an 15

Last row: Evolution tape extensions


Our advice is to sketch an outline of the customer's head before removing the tape-in extensions on a piece of paper (the number of rows, number of extensions per row, etc).

Then remove the tape-in extensions and put them on the sketch drawn in the exact position they were on the person's head. This way you are sure to position the extensions exactly where they had been before!

As you may have realized this procedure requires experience, for this reason we suggest always going to an experienced professional!


The time needed from one application to another depends on how fast your hair grows. If you have faster hair growth then you should remove and re-install your tape-in extensions more or less every 2 months. If you have slower hair growth then you can wait up to 3 months and if it's really slow you can even wait up to 4 months.

Fair Fashion Tape Extensions and Evolution Tape Extensions are made with premium quality hair with intact cuticles, therefore if treated correctly with the right maintenance then your hair extensions will stay beautiful and tangle free longer, even up to 18 months!


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