October 20, 2017 3 min read

Did your extensions get damaged immediately after an application? Is your hair dehydrated, dry or and not easy to comb?

Differently from our natural hair, extensions do not get their nourishment from the scalp therefore, do not benefit from the substances which are naturally produced by our organism. In order to care for and maintain your extensions you need to follow both some simple rules at home and have them checked regularly at your hair salon.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you keep your extensions beautiful and have them last longer:

1. Nourish your extensions and wash them with specific products

When you wash your extensions it's important not to use your everyday shampoo and conditioner, but rather use specific products for treated dyed hair recommended for extensions because they contain the proteins and vitamins which are generally produced by our organism, like our Plus 12 care products.


2. Brush your extensions!

Fair Fashion hair extension brush.

Brush your hair everyday with a special Fair Fashion brush, used specifically for extensions, at least 3-4 times a day. In particular if you have very long hair you should brush it frequently to keep the cuticles intact and prevent hair from tangling.

3. Have your extensions checked monthly by your hairdresser.

It's possible that after a month a few pieces of natural hair fall out and get trapped between the scalp and the two tapes sandwiched together, if this happens then it can cause a “teasing” effect. Therefore, it's important to have your tape-in hair extensions checked and cleaned regularly by your hairstylist.

4. Whether at the beach or pool you should always pay special attention to your extensions!

If you go for a swim in the sea or at the pool, remember to immediately rinse your extensions out with tap water. Both salty water and chlorine can damage your hair and dry it prematurely.

5. Avoid dyeing, toning and bleaching your extensions.

Extensions can be dyed, but it would be better not to do so. Why? Because the hairs that make up the extensions have already gone through different bleaching and dyeing processes in order to have different tones and shades. If you change your extensions' color this could damage the structure of the hair itself therefore, in time it can loose its shine and gleam.

It's always better to choose a similar tone to your natural hair rather than dyeing the extensions. But if you still prefer dyeing your extensions you should go from a lighter color to a darker color changing it only slightly in order to make it almost the same as your hair color.

Fair Fashion has a wide range of different shades which includes all the natural shades, highlights, ombre and rooted colors. A vast variety of shades so that each and every woman can find the right extensions without having to dye them.

Here's an article about creating your own color with single packs in the "Build your set" section.

Always avoid bleaching.


It's important to understand that extensions depend on the quality of the hair, and the better the quality the healthier and the longer they last. Not all extensions have the same type of hair so make sure they're made with remy hair. “Remy” means 100% human hair with strands of hair all in the same direction, from the roots to the ends. This way remy hair stays soft, shiny and silky and completely tangle-free throughout its lifetime. Fair Fashion extensions are entirely made from remy hair with intact cuticles aligned in the same direction which creates a natural result. This is the finest hair on the market. Wanna know more? In this article you will find all the necessary information about our hair.

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