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April 13, 2018 3 min read

Have your extensions become knotty and difficult to manage too soon? Do you feel like you're being made a fool?

If you don't want to end up looking like a ruffled cat just 2 days after having had your extensions applied, it's important that you know the different qualities of hair available on the market and their costs.

At this point you might be asking do I understand what quality of hair is used in the extensions I purchase?

Don't worry! Here are some tips to help you!!! Let's divide the hair that makes up extensions into 3 different groups according to its quality:

1 - Premium Remy hair with intact cuticles, selected and grouped together according to its length.

You have to keep in mind that not all the hair in a ponytail is the same length, so in order to make the perfect extension, the hair has to be divided into different groups. In other words, premium quality 50 cm long extensions will be made up of at least 80% of 50 cm long hair and will not contain any short 35-40 cm length hair.

2 - Remy hair with intact cuticles, which is not grouped according to its length

It is always high quality hair but is not checked and grouped according to its length.

PLEASE NOTE! In these extensions there is a lot of short hair 20/30/40 cm and not much of the 50 cm.

Longer hair costs more than shorter hair so by using more short hair to make the extensions producers can profit more.

The final result? These hair extensions end up being thinner and not as full at the ends, therefore will need to be trimmed or cut. At this point, instead of having 50 cm long hair extensions you end up with a 30/40 cm long extensions.

3 - Second-hand hair or collected hair

This means that the hair has been collected from various brushes or from discarded premium quality hair.

Unfortunately, in this case, we will never be 100% sure that the hair, and consequently the cuticles, are all aligned in the same direction.

At this point what happens?

The hair becomes weak and knotty, so in order to avoid tangling, the cuticles are removed damaging the structure of the hair! The hair in the extensions becomes dry after just a few days or weeks.

Therefore, when you ask a hairstylist the price for an application of tape-in extensions be very careful! Always ask your hairstylist what types of hair extensions are going to be applied.

The different prices of each salon DEPENDS on different factors.

Our advice is:

Always choose premium quality hair which is more expensive but lasts much longer. Don't purchase “cheap” extensions thinking you've made a bargain because although you can easily end up spending €300/350 they can get ruined in just a few weeks.

Why Fair Fashion?

  • With premium quality hair and the right care & maintenance our Fair Fashion Tape Extensions can last up to 12-18 months.
  • Not only can they be applied in 20 minutes but they can also be removed and reapplied again.
  • You can wear them up to 2-3 months (depending on the speed of your hair-growth, and they can be removed and reapplied easily.
N.B. Hot fusion (keratin bond) hair extensions cannot be reapplied. Even if you've purchased the best quality hair and have had a perfect application, they will last at the most 5-6 months and after they have been removed CANNOT be reapplied. Without mentioning the amount of time it takes to apply them...

Therefore, pay careful attention to the type of hair used to make the extensions you are going to apply and keep these 3 tips in mind:

  • The quality of hair used to make the tape-in extensions
  • The quantity of hair in each extension (grams)
  • The quantity of hair at the ends of the extension
If you've found this article interesting let us know! We look forward to receiving your comments!

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