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April 23, 2018 2 min read

Tape-in extensions are not as limiting as hot fusion (pre-bond or keratin) extensions or any other form of extensions methods.

They are actual semi-permanent extensions because, thanks to our special Fair Fashion tape, they can be worn even up to 3 months without any problems. But if you decide to remove them, it only takes a few minutes!


Speaking of which, let me tell you the story of Silvia, our Customer from Florence.

It was late autumn in Italy and Silvia wanted to relive a bit of summer so she booked a vacation in Mexico.

She had a full set of tape-in extensions applied on her head (4 packs of Standard Tape Extensions + 1 pack of Evolution Tape extensions). Afraid it would be too hot with a full set of hair extensions, she decided to remove them the day before leaving.

Tulum reaches a temperature of 35 °C in that period, furthermore she knew she would be doing a lot of scuba diving and a lot of excursions around the coast.

In order to live at full her vacation and avoid risking to ruin her extensions with all the salt water and sun, she decided to remove them before setting off.

She ended up making the right decision and spent 9 awesome days! Short hair is much easier to look after and manage at the beach and she knew that her extensions were safe at home.

As soon as she got home the first thing she did was go to the salon and have her Fair Fashion Tape extensions reapplied!

Just after a few minutes she had a beautiful full head of hair again!

And without having to buy a whole new set of extensions, but just the replacement tape tabs!


The hair extensions she had bought in April were still soft and shiny in November!

The possibility to apply and remove and reapply your Tape Extensions has no price, beautiful perfect long hair wherever and whenever you want. Silvia couldn't have made a better investment!

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