Dark Rooted Color Ring

Are you planning to purchase single packs of dark rooted hair extensions, but have not made your mind up yet? If you are still not sure which shade best matches your own hair color, then do not hesitate to order our Dark Rooted Color Ring that will help you choose the right one to apply!

For example, if you are buying one or more single packs of Rooted #4RTD25 hair extensions, we suggest adding the Dark Rooted Color Ringto your order. So you can check the color before opening the hair extensions pack, then decide either to keep the Rooted #4RTD25 locks or to exchange them for a different shade, such as Rooted #3RTD28 or Rooted #5RTD101.

The Dark Rooted Color Ring includes the following shades:

- Rooted #3RTD28

- Rooted #4RTD25

- Rooted #5RTD101

Please note that when purchasing a Full Head Set in any of the colors mentioned above, the Dark Rooted Color Ring will be included in your order for free.